From the recording REVVING WINGS


BECAUSE YOU KNOW By Anastasia Nikiforova
© 2004
Our roads will turn
We walk into the unknown -
Into the Fire
You linger here
Despite that being with me
Burns you from the inside

You never thought
You’d feel this much
Pain and love at once
Yet you can’t let yourself
Not be a part of me

Because you know
This fire
That burns you from inside
It turns you into ashes
Also turns you into light
You came here to see
What you can do
Transcend the Earthly bounds
Do not let yourself oblige

Didn’t really expect to cross
To the other side of the road
The bridges that you’ve build
Are crashing to the ground
It takes a lot of courage
To let them go and watch them fall
It takes a lot of strength
To admit your heart is right
And yet you do
Although you say you might