Hello world! Perhaps disappearing is not such a bad thing! While I was missing in action for you I was searching for the right creative team to create a new EP with! Searching a producer is like taking shots in the dark, there is a sea of creative people out there. How do you find a life partner? It's kind of the same. But through power of connection, kind and caring friends and musicians, band members of mine and also struck of luck I bumped into a pretty talented creative, Brendan Davies, who cares to bring out the essence of me and and my songs and possesses pretty amazing qualities to create new sounds, electronic textures, work with drums and bass and the whole mesh of things we call music. We are cooking up a new record together with the drummer, David Green, guitarist Vilasini Venkatesh, and Vulcan String Quartet. More to come soon! If you want to support the making of this EP you can buy more of my last CDs/digital files of my previous album here and gift them to your friends. 

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