No road taken and moment lived should be overlooked for its greatness, its enormous potency, its capability to be your teacher.

My team is finishing the artistic process of mixing our recordings - the many hours, days of preparing, arranging, recording live instruments, programming beats, textures, whimsical layers of sound created by Brendan Davies, my producer who is bizarrely talented musically and an incredible human;   sleepless nights crafting, editing, writing strings arrangements, us throwing the colours and shapes of music all around to hear different moods and how they move our hearts, our psyche, our beings! Many exhilarating moments, sometimes amusingly extended days - through it all enthusiasm of my producer bursting out of the seams and of course, mine too, feeling flight, feeling alive, running on music juice, connection with fantastic musicians who took part in this album, adrenaline, beauty.... And when it comes to the days of technical details adding a good old English Breakfast tea to it all helped and again more inner strength and more enthusiasm generated out of everything that matters to us and sometimes out of pure nothing. Love for life and being in the now, deep talks, funny talks, and talk of our lives emerging from the cracks and near the edges our creative days --- it's all there in the music, in the record of "Diamonds."  Hallelujah, we are nearly finished!! 

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