Nikki Forova is an indie pop singer songwriter, composer, and producer.  She has been releasing music and touring since 2010. She also writes and produces with and for other artists. Nikki has been composing music for Film/TV, advertising and dance theater. She creates music with a great network of musicians and sound engineers for the realisation of your individual project wishes. Happy to discuss your ideas for your project!



I scored a uniquely mysterious award-winning 8-minute short film “Etiqueta Negra” directed by Spanish director David Verges. Each time I watched it captivated my attention repeatedly while I was scoring for orchestra and making drums and percussion sound realistic. The film tickles imagination and my feelings with every second. What a genious story and film. Enjoy. I employed orchestra and latin percussion to make it modern sounding. The orchestral score is available upon request. 




Today Candlelight is out!

I wrote it as a conversation with every soul including mine walking on the roads of our beautiful and volatile life. It's got soothing vibes.

Made it in a couple of bedrooms in the midst of pandemic. My producer, Brendan Davies, and I had a few screens and programs running to enable us to create remotely yet feel the magic of making human music. The desire to create a music universe for this song helped us succeed.  

“Mind that imagines wings finds a way to fly!” 

New Single "Candlelight" is out today!