Over 10 years ago things fell apart. Today I'm stronger and have more empathy because of it.   

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Life takes us to the bottom sometimes so that we can build a new world. New ourselves. New healthy understanding grow from the ashes of our destroyed paradigms, concepts of self and the world around us. This is how we get Empathy. The way to Love yourself and dissolve fears is to look the monsters in the eyes and give them Love.  For those of you that are going through this, know that you are LOVED and you are not alone in your journey to understand life. There is a light at this end of the tunnel. And a new stronger world of you will grow from the ashes.  

My dear friend whose art touches the very core of my heart @Jojoes Art drew this artwork and went through a similar dark journey of coming out. Thank you for sharing with me your stunning art and story.  

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