Nikki Forova           
An award-winning Songwriter / Composer / Author of “Song of the Heart”

"Song of the Heart" is a powerful method that brings healing, deepens self-awareness and rich connection with life, and allows to open up a dialogue with your heart through dialogue and songwriting. 

In this therapeutic process of songwriting you reflect on your own life, your story and feelings, while co-creating lyrics and music together. Verbal and written interaction combined with music helps experience clarity, catharsis, and openness. It aids to unblock, brings the subconscious to the surface, and connects you deeper with your purpose.

I'm here to guide you through the process of creating your own song about your life, expressing your feelings and insights, nurturing a relationship with yourself and feeling of oneness with life. Allow your heart to sing!


Songwriting - is creative instrument to self-realisation, awareness and growth.

Individual Sessions "Song of the Heart" аre achieved through integrative collaboration:

  • Mindfulness - a few minutes of meditation and breathing before we begin.

  • Sharing and reflection - share what you are experiencing and feeling, what's important to you to understand deeper and therefore to write about.

  • Expression and Dialogue - we go deeper into your topic, discussing it together, writing it down, tuning into the essence of what's important.

  • Lyric Writing- we start writing down your stream of consciousness, metaphors, analogies, visuals that emerge and shape them into rhymed lyrics. 

  • Music Writing -  adding music helps to feel the subject on a deeper level and to find your own expression of emotions and feelings. 


During our 2-hour sessions I engage you in the soul-stirring therapeutic process of dialogue and songwriting. It takes minimum 4 sessions to unfold your topic and write a song together.

Sessions are available at my home studio in London as well as online. Please email me for more information on current rates, terms and conditions.