"Die Songschreiberin, Nikki Forova, träumt sich in blumige ("Snapshots of Sky") und versunkene Pianoballaden ("Open Your Eyes")..."
"The songwriter, Nikki Forova, dreams in flowery and deeply immersive piano ballads ..."

(German Issue) September 2015


Nikki Forova is an indie pop singer-songwriter known for her unique voice, piano-driven songwriting with philosophical lyrics and sound-rich productions thriving on Nikki's string arrangements, ethnic instruments and synths woven in between drums, bass and piano. Nikki combines indie, alternative and singer songwriter into emotional and yet crowd-pleasing sound. She is often compared to Regina Spektor, Bjork and Imogen Heap.

Nikki's changing lifestyle makes her feel like a citizen of the world, a cosmopolitan. She is currently based in London, UK. She was born in Ukraine to a family of accomplished theater actors. Being an average family, they couldn't afford the piano, so Nikki's mother took her to local kindergartens to practice classical piano after hours. When she was seven she got a black piano as a gift. This unearthed Nikki's gift for writing songs and composing. Nikki moved to USA to study music composition and songwriting. She received recognition through performances in the Los Angeles indie scene and her MTV appearance doing a duet with Vanessa Carlton, of a hit song “A Thousand Miles.”

Shortly after, Nikki co-produced her first album Revving Wings. It came to life as multi-colorful powerful musical work, a cross-over between singer-songwriter, eclectic and alternative rock genres. In 2010, Nikki launched into a self-organized two year tour to Europe and USA. Received with big emotions, tearful and happy, personal stories poured out of fans during the after-the-show hang outs. Press was comparing Nikki's delivery to that of Bjork and Imogen Heap. “Revving Wings” was remixed and remastered with Simon Heyworth (Erasure, Imogen Heap, Depeche Mode) and re-released in 2012.

Nikki's life made a surprising turn when a true love found her. She moved to Italy. Inspired by love and challenged to keep a life balance she wrote her album, "White Dandelions." Co-produced with London producers, Andreas Olsson (Mary J. Blige, Jason Mraz, Train) and Patrick Wood, this album is very intimate and warm, expressing the journey of humanity though dark and light to our dreams, to discover our authentic selves and experience love. In March 2013 Nikki launched on her self-organized Tour. During the tour Music Connection described it as “high-quality indie-pop... destined for the airwaves of NPR, there’s also crossover potential to pop and AAA radio formats. Her soaring tunes have a cinematic feel and would seem custom made for movie soundtracks.” Nikki signed a Record Deal with ZeitArt Records, in 2014 and continued touring through Europe. 

Nikki's songwriting has been evolving becoming more rhythm driven and dynamic. Even before moving to London in 2017, she yearned to create a fusion between acoustic and electronic music. For her upcoming EP “Diamonds” she collaborated with producer Brendan Davies (Dagne, Jordan Mackampa). Brendan brought a whole new world of multi-layered rich vocal textures, electronic sounds, beats and synth bass and and together with Nikki they merged it with acoustic universe of piano, strings, electric guitars and drums. Escape is the first single was released in September, 2018. Diamonds EP is up for release in March 2019. There is a Tour scheduled to Switzerland and Germany, and UK tour is in the works. 

 “Forova’s voice is sweet and distinctive...The strings and brass add luscious layers to the well-crafted songs, separating them from similar acts in the genre. Nikki Forova kept the audience entranced with a whirlwind of songs, both high-flying and touching. With music that conveys a wide range of emotion, many listeners will find Nikki Forova instantly relatable...” 
Corey Irwin - Music Connection
"...Her poignant words resonate amid intricate, piano-based melodies to create high-quality indie-pop similar to Regina Spektor and Yael Naim. While her style seems destined for the airwaves of NPR, there’s also crossover potential to pop and AAA radio formats.”
Corey Irwin - Music Connection

"I'm in constant search for artists that grasp that inner feeling of intense emotion and her voice and music inspire exactly that. Songs like 'After Today' and 'Little Green Piece of Life' capture such intense feelings of incredible beauty, that it feels like I'm falling in love.”
Mikey Jayy - All Indie Magazine

“Nikki Forova released “Revving Wings” in July 2012, earning comparisons to the likes of Imogen Heap and Tori Amos. At her fingertips, the anthem... [“Tunnels”], becomes a lovely piano ballad.”
Kevin - www.buzzbands.la

“Anastasia [Nikki Fovova] is a strong musician, she's trained, she's talented!”
Ron Fair, A&M records ex-president, producer of Vanessa Carlton, Christina Aguilera
"Nikki amazes me. I am in constant search for artists that grasp that inner feeling of intense emotion and her music inspires exactly that. The combination of her voice and the music melody in songs like "After Today" and "Little Green Piece of Life" captures such intense feelings of incredible beauty, that it feels like I'm falling in love. Music like this is very powerful. That’s putting it lightly.”
Mikey Jayy - All Indie Magazine

"Forova’s first break came after she won MTV’s Duets, a national competition, for a chance to perform with Grammy nominated artist Vanessa Carlton. " www.musicnewsnashville.com 

"The singer's sultry voice will explode on stage, as her passion for music and live performance, will be unleashed to fans and new comers. The new album is packed with raw emotional tracks, touching on the singer's insight of human nature and of her life journey thus far. Forova recently completed her successful first tour throughout Europe. Her authenticity and extraordinary performances captivated fans' hearts in Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Helsinki, and Milan. With the release of "Revving Wings."
Tasya Swisko - News Blaze 

"Passionate composer and songwriter Nikki Forova writes about simple and forgotten truths and the beauties of life. Her music is able to provoke individuals to seek true spirituality within themselves by reaching out beyond social norms or media conditioning."
Santa Monica Observer 

"The pure voice of Nikki Forova echoes in your head as you hear her melodic and soothing voice. The simplicity of these songs enters your spirit and stir up thought provoking memories. With the quintessential piano and the rawness of a voice inspired by many famous female singers, she has conjured a new sound that stops any replication."
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